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Septic Aeration Tank Pumping

Templeton Septic specializes in aeration tank pumping.

All new septic installations since 2009 are aerobic septic systems. This type of system has an aeration tank. The aeration tank reduces the necessary size of leach fields and breaks down sewage waste further through air infusion.

However, the aerobic septic system also requires regular maintenance. Although the system is more efficient in breaking down sewage, pumping the aeration tank is necessary every two to three years. Just like older septic tank systems, sludge eventually builds up and needs to be pumped out.

Aeration Tank Pumping ~ Aerobic Septic Cleaning Services


Green Ohio SEptic Tank CleaningTempleton Septic offers services to Green, Hartville, Uniontown, Jackson and surrounding Ohio communities. Courteous, licensed & insured drivers arrive on time and operate quickly to clean your septic system.

Have an aerobic septic system? No problem! We pump aeration tanks, too.

Septic systems need to be cleaned every two to three years, depending on the size of your family, how efficiently the system is running, and tank size(s).

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Tank Tips from Templeton Septic

Septic System Care Maintenance Record

  • Water purification systems such as water softeners often unnecessarily drain into the septic system. This can cause agitation of the solids and excessive water flow into the drain field. Check with your local plumber to discuss alternate drain routes for such systems.

    Eliminating the use of a garbage disposal is recommended. Disposals can create larger amounts of sludge on the bottom of your tank and may require more frequent pumping. Also, much of the grease, oils, and scraps of food that are ground up do not decompose in the same manner as waste does.

  • Household cleaners are another item to be aware of regarding your septic system. While your system will recover in a short period of time from mild cleansers, many are toxic to your system and can do more harm than good. Labels that read “septic safe” are largely a marketing tool.

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Environmental Health Services

Templeton is here to help!Reference this handy contact information for your local county Health Department. Environmental Health Services managed by Ohio counties are the governing body regarding septic systems, septic regulations and coding laws. These links to the Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit and Wayne County’s Environmental Services websites are provided for your convenience.

These agencies can provide you with the latest information regarding sewage treatment systems specific to your area. Templeton Septic proudly serves all of the following counties.

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