Need Septic Tank Cleaning Services?

Septic Tank Cleaning Services HelpPump your septic tank regularly to avoid a nasty & costly surprise. Call 330-644-6029 or click here to schedule an appointment for septic cleaning. We pump aeration tanks for aerobic septic systems, too!

  • Avoid costly repairs and make certain your septic system is properly maintained
  • Receive a handy postcard reminder when it’s time to schedule your next cleaning

Templeton Septic has been offering professional,  courteous service and complete customer satisfaction to

  • Green
  • Hartville
  • Uniontown
  • Jackson and surrounding northeast Ohio areas since 1979.

Call us directly at 330-644-6029 during normal business hours, or use our quick and simple contact form  

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FREE Backwash (with septic pumping)

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